1x pair of thongs/flipflops (which can also double as shoes to wear in the shower to avoid fungal infections)
6x socks
1x comply flats
2x jeans
1x black jeans
4x tops
3x basics (for me this was one black t-shirt, one white singlet, and one white long sleeved top)
1x warm jacket
1x good quality fleece (I chose merino wool as it is super lightweight and super warm!)
2x shorts
1x leggings
8x undies (only 2 of these should be fancy undies ladies!)
1x high heels (I prefer wedges as they are easier to navigate the cobblestone streets of Europe)
1x black skirt (goes with everything, really handy to dress up an outfit)
3x bras
1x bra buddy (converts bra straps, very handy)
2x going out outfits
2x day dress (these can be dressed up and double as night wear)
1x sandals
1x pair of boots
2x knits
1x bikini
1x weather resistant jacket (this could be a water proof parka or something similar)
1x scarf
1x cardigan


Keep in mind that many items may be unnecessary as they can be purchased on arrival!
Hand sanitizer
Cotton Buds
Facial wipes
Nail clippers
Lip balm
Pawpaw ointment
Travel sized shampoo and conditioner (you can purchase larger ones when you arrive)
Sanitary pads (just a few for emergencies as they are readily available in Europe)
Deodorant (travel sized)
Toothpaste (travel sized)
A microfibre towel, these are extremely light and are often referred to as travel towels.
Hair straightener (can also be used to curl hair)
Sunblock (SPF 30+)


Cutlery (I prefer just a spork)​​​
Ear Plugs​​​​
Pegless washing line
Small Bottles
Travel Clothesline
Money Belt
Travel umbrella
Ziploc Bags
Safety Pins/String
Sewing kit
Toilet seat covers
Sleeping sack (invest in a good quality YHA silk sac that has room for a pillow to also be covered)
Mini Playing Cards
Adaptor plugs
Chargers (iPhone, iPad, camera etc)
Eye Mask (the ‘Hibermate’ is my personal favourite as it includes earplugs and reduces noise)
Travel neck pillow (mine is inflatable to save space)
Small locks for backpack
Water purifying tablets
Travel first-aid

First Aid Kit

Any specific medications (ie migraine relief tablets)
Band aids or plasters
Blistex (for treatment of blisters)
Any prescriptions
Anti dioreahha tablets
Basic course of antibiotics
Throat lozenges
‘No jet lag’ tablets (homeopathic)
Ibuprofen (Panadol)
Antiseptic lotion
Ginger tablets for travel sickness
Stingose (relief from itchy insect bites)

The Important Stuff

My Ipad Mini (perfect for Skype!)
Wallet with both cash and credit/debit card
International student card
Any chargers for electronics
Any visas
Air/train tickets
Emergency contact card

Make sure to scan or make two sets of copies of all of the above, as well as your brith certificate and travel insurance details, with one left at home with a trusted friend or family member and one carried with you.

Another packing list that goes into greater detail can be found here


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