Through experience I have come to appreciate the fragility of life, inspiring me to create my bucket list, and enjoy myself in the prime time of my life 👌

1)Stay a night in an Ice Hotel
2)Go white water rafting ✓
3)Walk on the Great Wall of China
4)See the Aurora Borealis
5)See the Empire State Building
6)Search for the Loch Ness monster
7)Go to Vegas
8)Go sand boarding ✓
9)Drink beer at Oktoberfest
10)Go paragliding
11)Visit the Grand Canyon
12)Be on the radio ✓
13)Learn to play a musical instrument ✓
14)Drink a pint of Guinness in Ireland
15)Take a self defence class
16)Be on television ✓
17)See the Golden Gate Bridge
18)Invent a cocktail
19)Learn how to Ski ✓
20)Feed and pat a wild dolphin ✓
21)Go zorbing
22)Ride a gondola in Venice
23)Go quad biking ✓
24)Go island hopping in Greece
25)Try a snow scooter ✓
26)Plant a tree
27)Attend the Olympics
28)Visit Niagara falls
29)Complete a triathlon ✓
30)Ride and feed an elephant ✓
31)Learn to say “hello” in 20 different languages.
32)Cliff jump ✓
33)See Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Russia
34)Climb the Statute of Liberty
35)Pan for Gold ✓
36)See the Coliseum, Rome
37)Do the Sound of Music Tour, Austria
38)Visit Disneyland ✓
39)Explore a French chateaux ✓
40)See a London West End Production ✓
41)Go on a blind date
42)Visit the Friends Set, Los Angeles
43)Have fortunate told by a gypsy
44)Visit the Tower of London ✓
45)Send a message in a bottle
46)Go clubbing in Ibiza
47)Eat at a French patisserie in Paris ✓
48)See a show at the Moulin Rouge
49)Go parasailing
50)Visit Tokyo ✓
51)Take the London Eye ✓
52)Have a kiss like Lady and the Tramp
53)See a show on Broadway
54)Visit platform 9 3/4
55)Sleep under the stars ✓
56)Learn to sail ✓
57)See Sydney, Australia ✓
58)Go abseiling ✓
59)See Australian Parliament House ✓
60)Learn to surf ✓
61)Stroke a big cat
62) Experience a white Christmas
63)Take an African safari
64)Face fear of snakes ✓
65)Have a romantic night picnic
66)Kiss the Blarney Stone
67)Do a runner from a restaurant
68)Throw a coin in the Trevino Fountain (Lizzie McGuire style!)
69) Climb a mountain ✓
70)Drive Route 66


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