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New Editions To Your Travel Vocabulary


The Oxford English Dictionary contains over 600,000 unique words – surely enough to describe any situation, one would think. But the world has a way of confronting us with sights and experiences that can leave us at a loss for words. Sometimes we’re limited by our vocabularies, but often the word we need to describe what we’ve seen and done simply doesn’t exist…yet.

So here are some new editions you should add to your travel vocabulary:

The warm, fuzzy feeling one gets after a long immensely satisfying trip.

Automobilogic (noun)
The state of mind unique to road trips that convinces travelers that gummi bears and fried onion rings count as a daily serving of fruits and vegetables. Studies indicate that this may lead to automobesity.

Rude, insolent backpacker.

Crankophone (noun)
Someone who tries to make themselves understood in a foreign country simply by speaking louder in their own tongue.

Fearenheit (noun)
Panic felt by Americans when attempting to comprehend temperatures in other countries.

Frequent liar program (noun)
Travelers who will say anything to receive upgrades on flights or hotel rooms, free meals, etc.

Gap fear (noun)
Wanting to take a year off to travel, but being too chicken and going straight to university instead.

Tuk-tuk-tuck (noun)
The maneuver required to wedge a large tourist into a small motorized tricycle.

– Anthony Murdoch, Lonely Planet author.


Named Best Trips 2013 – National Geographic


Named Best Trips 2013 – National Geographic.



For the next year or so, this blog will be home to all the tales of my European gap year. I am undertaking this adventure in typical Australian teenager fashion, by backpacking around exotic european destinations with friends, in hope of moments of serendipity, hilarity and happiness.
It is really a celebration of the fact we have survived one of the most mentally strenuous years of our lives, throwing off all the pressure from the year before as we are ignited with a sense of wanderlust. Essentially, we escape our lives here to get lost somewhere overseas in the hope of finding ourselves, our true selves.

After an anxious few weeks of waiting, I finally received my final year 12 results early this morning. For those who are not blessed with Australian heritage students who have completed year 12 across the country receive a score out of 99.95, which can be used to gain entry to tertiary education. These assigned numerals ensure us access into the courses of our choice at university or TAFE, and essentially play a significantly greater role than any numeral should in deciding the path of an individual’s life. Personally, I do not believe that each person’s score reflects their true potential in the future, as people can miss out on their desired course by 0.05! Regardless of this, I was pleasantly surprised with my ATAR, being just one point off a perfect score! As such, I have been glowing all day, satisfied that when I return from my gap year trip in 2014 my score will allow me access into any course that happens to take my fancy 🙂

Also contributing to my elated feelings is the fact that months after having booked my flight to Europe, myself and my travel buddy, Vanessa, officially booked our trip with ‘Busabout’. We will be tackling the North and South loops around Europe on this ‘hop-on-hop-off’ coach service, before exploring the UK, and hopefully visiting family and friends along the way .

I will endeavour to share our escapades on the other side of the world by journaling them here for my loved ones, as well as anyone else interested in reading in hope you can share in my moments of serendipity, as well as the low lights of my adventures. For now I am happily enjoying this vorfreude*, that comes with dreaming about the trip of a life time.

*Vorfreude (noun) – The joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures.

Gap Yeah! xx