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Travel Fashion Girl’s How To: Pack For Europe


You’ve read about it, dreamt about it and almost everyone you know, knows someone who has done it: Backpacking Europe. It is almost its own culture now!

After working a countless number of extra hours you have finally decided to take the plunge spend the money and backpack through Europe. It took you weeks to plan the perfect itinerary that you edited at least 20 times and now you are moving on to the hardest planning part: the Europe packing list.

I too struggled with this the first time I traveled Europe. I spent 5 months in the incredible continent – hopefully these packing tips will help make the process a bit easier for you.


Don’t forget, shopping haunts you all over Europe so save some space for new purchases.

Backpacking Europe Checklist:


2 or 3 Short sleeved tops
1-2 long sleeved tops
2 tank tops (summer)
1 dress – black

2 or 3 shorts/skirts (any length is fine)
1-2 pairs of light trousers / leggings

1 Swimsuit – bikini is fine
2-3 pairs of Socks (I wear toms and sandals so socks are just preventing bugs)
10 pairs of travel underwear
3 bras – 1 sports dry fit recommended

1 Rainproof jacket

1 knit or light sweater – I like a button up cardigan as it can dress up and down. You have a rain coat for sporty times!

1 scarf
Jewelry (nothing too expensive but enough to glam up any outfit)
Shoes (mainly city streets)
Waterproof Thongs/flip flops/sandals (check out iPANEMA sandals)
Flats that can be worn casually/dressy
Comfortable walking/trekking shoes – I prefer Toms as they are lightweight, comfortable and still cute. I don’t typically do a lot of rugged hiking in Europe.
Also note that runners are typically just worn by tourists or those doing vigorous exercise. You will be just fine without them (unless you suffer from body pain).

Additional Travel Gear:

Travel towel
Pack of cards (hostel drinking games, cures boredom on long trips)
Music – staple for long journeys
Neck pillow – I use it for all long rides (inflatable to save room)
Sleep liner – silk or microfiber are the most compact.
Travel washing detergent
Small Locks (1-2) – you will need them in hostel dorms
Sink stopper – the flat ones work with all drains
Bobby pins – great for easy travel hair styles and as clothing line pins

Courtesy of Alex at travelfashiongirl.com, one of my favourite sites for the female traveller, check it out for more reviews, tips and packing lists 🙂