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Pre-departure To Do List

  1.  Check your passport expiry date, and get it renewed if it is due to expire in 3-6 months.
  2. Scan and email (or photocopy) two copies of all important documents, including your passport, bus or rail passes, travel insurance information etc. Leave one copy at home with friends or family and carry one set hidden in your backpack.
  3. Book your transportation – whether you are interrailing, flying or sailing you will need to book your transport in advance as this is when the prices are cheapest and seats often sell out, so get in quickly!
  4. write a rough and eventually final itinerary and register this on ‘Smart Traveller’ a government website, I’m case of emergency like a natural disaster.
  5. Get insured! There are different ranges of cover from basic to comprehensive, for medicalemergencies
  6. 6) Get an International Student Card, or International Drivers Licence (if you plan to hire a car). These allow you to hire cars and get discounts at many attractions and hostels.
  7. Check with your mobile provider about making calls overseas, and consider options like purchasing an international sim to save yourself from the excessive data roaming charges!
  8. Work out what luggage you will be taking, as this may affect the way you travel. Ask yourself questions like “backpack or suitcase?” “Do I want wheels?” Etc.
  9. Do you need any vaccinations for your travel? Common ones include Hepatitis A and B, Rabies and Typhoid.
  10. Invest in the essentials – a peg less washing line, a sleeping sack, and a few SD camera memory cards.