This will be continually added to as the trip goes on, so check out this page regularly for more advice πŸ™‚

Before You Leave

  • Cull your clothes by halving the amount you want to bring. Be ruthless and you will be pleasantly surprised when you have enough room in your pack to fit those new Italian jeans.
  • Use Skyskanner, a comprehensive flight comparison site (also available in a convenient app) which is excellent for comparing airlines to help you save money on you transport costs.
  • Get an international student card, these are available easily from most travel agents and cost around $30, allowing you discounted hostels, food, drinks and cheap entry into hundreds of tourist attractions!
  • Make sure you check any visa requirements before you leave to avoid any trouble.
  • Only exchange money in a bank as airports give horrendous rates.
  • Arrange at least two ways to access money, such as travellers cheques or a debit card, in case your credit card or cash is stolen.
  • Use packing cubes to organise your clothing in your pack. This can help save space and avoid rummaging through and unpacking everything just to find a pair of socks!
  • Use combination locks to secure your case and help avoid theft, I prefer combination locks as it saves worrying about losing the key.
  • Use ziplock bags to keep chargers and electronics together and waterproofed

On The Road

  • Save on attractions by buying bulk passes such as the Paris Museum Pass, and research free events, such as the Louvre is free the first Sunday of every month!
  • Never carry your wallet in your back pocket, this is an easy target for pickpockets.
  • Segregate your money (ie different pockets) to reduce the risk of losing it all.
  • Do a ‘free’ walking your of the city to get your bearings, but be aware quality does vary from place to place!
  • Use multiple SD cards and switch them from place to place, so if your camera is stolen or lost you don’t lose all your precious photographs.
  • If you have an European passport bring it to major attractions as often you can get free entry.
  • Majority of museums in London are free! This includes The British Museum, Science Museum, Tate Modern and The National Gallery.
  • Cafes in Italy usually add a surcharge for seating, so if you want to save a bit of money have your cup of coffee at the bar with the locals.
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